Conversation 1384 – The Best Snack

The Best Snack

  1. What’s your favorite snack?
  2. Is fruit the best snack?
  3. What time do you eat your snack?
  4. Can you live without processed food?
  5. What can you snack on and still maintain a healthy weight?
  6. Have you ever eaten whole-grain bread?
  7. Are oranges, apples and berries full of fiber?
  8. Do you have healthy eating habits?
  9. Is it good to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McDonald’s?
  10. Is the Big Mac snack wrap worth buying?

Activity 523 – Michael Jackson

O assunto abordado nessa semana, Michael Jackson que foi um cantor, compositor, dançarino, produtor musical proclamado Rei do Pop.

De todas suas contribuições, selecionamos 5 melhores músicas:

  1. Billie Jean
  2. Smooth Criminal
  3. Beat It
  4. Thriller
  5. Man in the Mirror

Atividade: ACTIVITY-523